Monday, January 4, 2010

Hey Im Savannah! Im 16 going on 6 :) Im an All Star cheerleader and an artist kinda sorta-ish.Well i make bows and jewlery. I started making jewlery when i was 10 but Im starting to navigate away from that now. I just dont have the patience for all those stupid tiny beads! Now I make bows. Not bows that you put on like a present or gift or blah blah blah, ones that you put in your hair. I rock a bow everyday and wont go in the gym without a bow in my hair. My bows come in all colors matched, bright, pastels i guess, random. I HATE matching, its so lame and so un fun! Why go through life unnoticed... I used to be one of those girls that thought they were to cool to wear crazy stuff like bows or painted jeans, but thank god i learned how to let my inner child out. I think this added like 15 years to my life expectancy i mean after all 19 is like 52 in cheer years ;) Let people think what they will, the only opinion that matters is yours, and well mine. And my opinion is that dorky is IN! If you think its dorky by 2, just wait for all your compliments :D

Savannah aka GlitterSparks